How to connect a Wiimote RVL-CNT-01-TR using Toshiba Stack

Windows 7 x86/x64

ToshibaStack v9.10.00T

ToshibaStack v9.10.00T

ToshibaStack v8.00.12

ToshibaStack v7.00.10(T)

ToshibaStack v6.40.00T

1. Add a new connection and use Express Mode

2. Press 1+2 on your remote (or red sync button)

The wiimote is detected.

Here you MUST wait until the LED on the wiimote are OFF before the next step !

3.Your LED are OFF and you pressed next, toshiba stack will ask for a PIN code

4.You press Any button on the wiimote, and now your wiimote is connected and NO LED are blinking, all LED are OFF

5.Launch Dolphin and go to Wiimote config, select RealWiimote and press REFRESH. The wiimote will rumble and LED will go ON, you can start play.

6.You must Disconnect your wiimote when you don't play (Right click>disconnect)

To reconnect your wiimote, open ToshibaStack and double click on wiimote icon

Click OK and press Any button on the Wiimote.

If you have some issues to connect it, change your batteries or press the red sync button and re-try from step 1.

Everytime you will remove the batteries from the wiimote you need to redo all the procedure.

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